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Price is not the same as Value.

Ruud Dijkmans, director of DISC Estate Agency since 2002, has been awarded the status of Expert Valuer, and registered with SNPI, the national association of estate-agents, which is affiliated with The European Group of Valuers’ Associations (TEGOVA).

When a property is proposed for sale, we consider the ""going price"" for properties in the area, known to local estate-agents and judged by them to be reasonable and based on current sales.

A property's value is estimated according to several factors, one of these being the minimum price which the seller will accept, and another being how quickly the seller wants to dispose of the property. Thus the price originally desired and the sale-price likely to be achieved may differ to a greater or lesser extent.

The estate-agent will recommend a realistic price to the seller based on his local knowledge and years of experience, as well as his expert judgement of the condition, accessibility and desirability of the property.

The cost of such a valuation will always be set out before it takes place.

Valuation of a property

We also make summary valuations which can be used by a Notary who is executing or dealing with a Will, or by a proprietor who simply wants to have a good idea how much his or her property is worth. This valuation is made after inspection, and is delivered to the proprietor together with the officially registered boundary-plan.

Advisory service

We will also give you impartial, professional advice on the purchase or sale of a property, and, if you wish, inspect it with or for you.

Should you wish advice or a valuation, please contact us:

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